Mother’s Day

Dedicated to:

Josephine, Dolores and Mothers everywhere …

TANZANIA-Josephine dolores

The Great mother is the oldest religion. It is the religion based on the Earth itself on which our bodies impotently crawl. For Paleolithic man everyday was mothers day, this is more biologically honest than the modern single and commercialized day. For this archaic man mothers carvings are one of the oldest art forms which served as a shrine. A mother was both individual mother and a collective symbol of fertility, without which the survival of our species itself would be in danger. According to the psychologist, Carl Jung, the function of symbol is to denote something bigger than the symbol itself therefore our collective mother is the divine symbol of the mystery of life, a perpetual renewal in the midst of perishing. Our mother is the Earth, alas the universe. The radiation that started before the annihilation and creation of particles, that initial energy which gave birth to time, the very thing or finite life worship. The nothing and everything that gave birth to the universe traveling in the vast orb of the incomprehension and relate us to the infinity. It is the Great mother who holds the destiny of the individual and mankind from the Earth to the edge of the universe.

Mother to Son 

I do not demoralize anyone and I always try to spy the good side, leaving the bad to him who created men and best know how to smooth off the sharp corners!

——————-Goethes Mother————

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