Earth Day


Living at the right time is harder than dying at the right time

Who among mankind ever witnesses their own death?

Death is what happens to others not the self,

Who among mankind ever sees their own corpse?

Only the Earth can witness her own death

Only the Earth can see her own corpse.

She is a silent witness and a loud prosecutor to those who deny her rights

It is Earth day but who can speak for the Earth?

The ones who live at the right time.

To them it is the morning hour of New Earth.

With their thoughts and actions they say

“It has taken thousands of years to wake…

From the use of fire to the development of Agriculture,

From the building of cities to the industrial revolution


The birth of social media.

Awake now we must speak for the Earth;

Better for your health than exploited riches…

“WE are the EARTH!”

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